Coming in 2014: The War of 1812, Our Militiamen and Regulars

the Bremer County Independent.

War of 1812

Posted: Monday, December 23, 2013

Editor’s note: Mindful that 2012–2015 marks the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, sometimes called America’s Second War for Independence, we begin publishing a series of occasional biographical sketches to honor veterans who were buried in Bremer County cemeteries.

As an introduction to this new series, we invite you to read the following article, which we reprint as it originally appeared in the Waverly Republican on Jan. 11, 1861.

A Christmas Party— A re-union of old soldiers took place at the residence of Mr. G. L. CASE of this place, on Christmas day. The party consisted of four soldiers of the war of 1812. Mr. G. L. CASE, who was taken prisoner at Queeneston at the time Brock fell. Mr. AMASA REEVES, who was at the engagement at Fort Erie, at the time of the explosion. Mr. IRA STURDEVANT and JACOB BONSTINE, with their several wives. The aggregate ages of the eight persons is five hundred and thirty six years. Like the soldiers of the Revolution those of the latter war are becoming fewer every year, and the percentage of decrease admonishes us that the time is not remote when there will not be one of the men who participated in that second struggle with the British Lion, to relate a personal experience of those stirring times.

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