Residents planning St. Davids bicentennial projects

Niagara-On-The-Lake Town Crier

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE – While the various events marking the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 planned by the town’s committee may be done, a group of residents in St. Davids are hoping to keep the commemoration going with two more projects.

Kenneth Moody, president of the St. Davids Ratepayers Association appeared before councillors during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting to garner support for two projects related to the bicentennial: a historical marker and plaque legacy project and an event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the burning of St. Davids this July.

The legacy project is meant to encourage awareness of the village’s special history amongst new residents and visitors by placing markers at points of historical significance throughout St. Davids. The markers will consist of a bronze plaque mounted on a shaped and cut piece of Queenston Quarry limestone. Moody said the organizers have planned for 30 historic markers, but added that number can be expanded based. The project, he said, will be self-funded with sponsors for each of the markers. Project sponsors will be recognized on a special marker. Harry Murdoch, fundraising arm of the committee, told councillors that a sponsorship request from the Town would be more than welcome.

Moody asked the Town to approve, in principle, the project and approve the placement of up to six historic markers around a flagpole soon to be erected in Lowrey Park. He also requested approval for markers to be placed on Town-owned property at four additional sites throughout the village and an agreement to partner with the ratepayers association should they need to request permission at the Region to place markers on regional property.

“This will be a legacy project,” said Moody. “We’re hoping to leave something behind that can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

He also spoke to councillors about an event to mark the anniversary of the burning of St. Davids on July 18. Set to take place in the community centre facility at St. Davids United Church, there will be a reception and presentation of the facts surrounding the burning of the seemingly small village in 1814. Following the talk, there will be a short walk to either Lion’s Club Park or possibly Ravine Vineyard for outdoor refreshments. Weekend events will also include a historic stroll on Saturday morning.

Moody said they’ve received approval for the activity and some funding through the town’s Bicentennial Committee. He was before councillors to invite them to attend the event.

The delegation was received by councillors and his requests were sent to the Town’s senior management team for comment.

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