Blue Angels Return To Baltimore For Sailabaration’s Third Year

Mary Bubala 370x278Reporting Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Blue Angels are coming back to Baltimore. They’ll fly over us in September during a special event continuing Maryland’s three year commemoration of the War of 18

In June of 2012, Maryland kicked off its Star Spangled Sailabration to mark the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

Part of the celebration included a Star Spangled Air & Sea Show. That’s all back on tap for the third and final year of our city marking the 200th birthday of our National Anthem.

A big part of that air show will be the return of the Blue Angels, marking the second time the elite Navy flight demonstration squad performed in Baltimore.

Monday at Martin State Airport, a Blue Angel made an appearance to make the announcement official.

The Blue Angels will make this their home for two days in September.

“The Blue Angels are merely representatives of the more than a half million sailors and Marines that are serving on our behalf around the country so it’s a very special opportunity we have and we are absolutely looking forward to being here in September to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the National Anthem,” said Lt. Ryan Chamberlin, US Navy Blue Angels.

“Gentlemen, you are the pride of the US Navy and we wish you clear skies next September,” said MDOT Secretary Jim Smith. “We know you are going to thrill the crowds at Fort McHenry with your powerful aircraft and your incredible skills.”

In addition to the air show, the spectacular will include the return of the tall ships and all the land-side activities, including ship tours and beyond.

The Star-Spangled Air Show is September 13 and 14 and it takes place during the free 10-day festival called the Star Spangled Spectacular.

The 2012 event attracted more than a million people and generated $166 million into the local economy.

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