Who Done It?

1812 News

By Ian Mather

Sept. 7 2013dragged away

Marcus Webb is escorted off by military guard, is he the murderer?

the crowd awaits the verdict

Amateur sleuths put their skills to the test last night at Old Fort Erie to try and figure out who killed Lucius Cartwright.

preparing the investigators

Sam Stark prepares the amateur investigators.

The story was was written by Fort Erie staffer Daryl Learn and the suspects were played by Fort Erie employees.

The murder takes place in 1810 at the fort where the sleuths must figure out which of the 8 suspects is guilty of Murder.

Their help was needed

Lt. Benning Marshall and Dr. Henry Mason

husband and wife

Sgt William Scully and his Wife Victoria

heated discussion

Pvt Spencer Bishop Mr. Daniel Parsons

macus webb  abigail mason

Marcus Webb and Abigail Mason

As the investigation intensified so did the tension amongst the suspects

tension builds

In the end it was the good Doctor’s wife Abigail who was found Guilty of killing Mr. Cartwright by poisoning him with Hemlock.

The good Doctor didn’t seem surprised by the verdict and said to the officers as they took her away “Go ahead and hang her it will be easier than divorce”

The cast are at it again Saturday night with a completely different murder mystery.  The show gets underway at 7pm at Old Fort Erie

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