Sackets Harbor recreates history with war weekend



Two hundred years ago, a battle took place between the United States and Great Britain in Sackets Harbor and to commemorate the historic fight, the Sackets Harbor Battlefield Alliance hosts a “War of 1812 Weekend.” YNN’s Carmella Mataloni was at the event and shows us how spectators got a glimpse of the past


SACKETS HARBOR, N.Y.–It all started bright and early Saturday morning on the Sackets Harbor Battlefield. Swarms of men dressed in uniform and women in old fashioned dresses. All part of the villages War of 1812 Weekend and the Bicentennial of the Battle of Sackets Harbor.

“It’s for local history so it is a local thing and it is to commemorate what actually happened here in the North Country and bring more awareness to that,” said Theodore Schofield, volunteer.

The day started with artillery drills along with cannon and musket firing. Spectators got the chance to see what life was like during the War of 1812 by walking through all the different tents and stations that were set up across the battlefield. Many people stopped by to witness the action. They say it’s interesting to see such a big piece of history first hand.

“It’s pretty amazing just to see how people used to live and also to see the different utensils that they used and to actually see them on the battlefield,” said Tracey Taylor, Walworth resident.

While the drills and cannon firing drew quite a crowd, it was the battle demonstration that kept everyone’s attention. The United States and Great Britain met once again on the battlefield.

“I think America has got a very vital history and it is important to remember our beginnings and how we got there and continue to experience history as much as possible,” said Terrell Snyder, Ohio resident.

“It gives them the opportunity come out and if they read about it, it actually gives them the chance to see it more how it was actually done,” said Schofield.

At this year’s event, in order to remember those Crown Forces that were killed during the battle, a stone memorial was dedicated in their honor on the battleground.

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