Unveiling 200 Years

1812 News

Nov. 14, 2012,

By Ian Mather

All images ©Ian Mather 2012.

Unveiling 200 years of past and present. Members of the Mural committee remove the veil from the mural that captures 200 years of Niagara On The Lake.  It contains 90 images and fills the entire back wall if the Cafe.

A pain staking process that took the work of at least 100 people was put on display tonight at the Niagara On The Lake Community Centre.

Terry Boulton Chairman of the Mural Committee explains the long detailed process that took place to get the mural from idea to reality.

The Mural committee

Terry Boulton, Brian Fretz, Steve Hinchliffe, Robert Knight, Sarah Maloney

The mural takes the viewer through a Chronological timeline from 1812 to 2012.

The images were gathered and donated by historical societies, Libraries, and residents. Each image was scrutinized, verified and then narrowed to the 90 images that appear in the mural.


Other speakers included Lord Mayor David Eke and Master of Ceremonies Counselor Terry Flynn.

Accompanying the mural is an interactive touch screen. The viewer can select an image from the mural and get more detailed information about the image and the time period.

Peter Martin, Special Events Coordinator, Niagara Historic Sites, Parks Canada and

Lieutenant Colonel Bernard Nehring (Retired).

With 1812 festivities well under way even the redcoats were impressed with the giant mural.

All images ©Ian Mather 2012

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