Tories to spend millions for ads on resource use, War of 1812

The Windsor Star


The Conservative government is planning millions of dollars in additional spending on advertising campaigns to promote its contentious changes to natural resource project reviews and to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

Combined with funding already planned or approved this year, the government seeks to spend more than $60 million on advertising in the 2012-13 fiscal year, Treasury Board data show.

The request for additional advertising dollars from Parliament comes as the Conservatives are urging fiscal restraint within government.

Supplementary spending estimates tabled Thursday in the House of Commons show the Harper government is requesting an additional $4 million to spend on advertising to promote its “responsible resource development,” and an extra $200,000 to spend on “vignette to commemorate the War of 1812.”

When combined with previously approved advertising expenditures, the government is looking to spend at least $9 million this fiscal year on advertising for its responsible resource development measures, and $4.7 million this year on the War of 1812 vignettes.

Of the more than $60 million in total federal government ad spending this year, $16 million is committed to “economic action plan” advertising and more than $6 million is to encourage “better jobs” for Canadians.

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