Brock Memorial Foundation – Guernsey

Dear Sir,

You may have noted recently the passing of the bicentenary of the Battle of Queenston Heights and the death of Major General Sir Isaac Brock.  Here in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, we are proud of our ‘local hero’, who left the island to travel the world and gave his life in defence of the colony that subsequently developed into the nation of Canada.  Last weekend we held a day of commemorations, including a parade, a church service and a 15-cannon salute in the town of St Peter Port, our Capital.
During the period leading up to the commemorations we formed the Brock Memorial Foundation, a charity established to support projects that maintain and enhance the legacy of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, both here in Guernsey and in Canada.  As well as supporting the events here in Guernsey, it is intended to set up an annual exchange of Army Cadets between Guernsey and Canada, through the Lincoln and Welland Cadets based in St Catherine’s.  We are also working towards a twin statue project shared between Toronto and St Peter Port, and have commissioned Toronto-based artist and sculptor Adrienne Alison to commence some early studies.  In addition, we have been in discussion with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, and with the Band Council at Walpole Island over possible support for the restoration of War of 1812 Warrior grave sites on their territories.
One of the chief projects behind the foundation is the sale of commemorative medallions, which are intended to provide a revenue stream for the Charity alongside private and corporate donations.  These have been designed by General Brock’s first cousin 6 times removed, and are being minted by The Guernsey Mint, an island based mint stretching back an impressive 4 generations.  The medallions are for sale to the general public through our website – – as well as more information about the General, the Foundation and links to associated sites, including our facebook page
We feel that your readers may be interested to hear about the activities of the charity, and may wish to support the Foundation, and if you share this view we can provide some high quality images of the Brock Day events, the commemorative medallions and the work of the Foundation for you to use at your discretion.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information,
With kind regards,
Oliver C.E. Brock
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