Fireworks kick of Battle of Queenston Heights

Oct. 12, 2012

1812 NEWS

By Ian Mather

As night fell fireworks filled the skies over Queenston, Ontario and Lewiston, New York.

About 50 people were gathered in a parking area just below Queenston Heights to watch the fireworks display.  Hundreds more watched from Queenston Heights Park and in the Town of Queenston.

Amongst the crowd were re-enactors from both sides of the battle chanting support for their respective sides and giving the other side an occasional jab.

Along with the fireworks were supposed to be a barrage of cannon fire, how ever with the fireworks lasting well into darkness it was suggested that the cannon barrage did not take place due to the darkness.

Close to one thousand re-enactors are expected to take part in Saturdays 3pm Battle in Queenston Heights.  Seating is limited and to get a good viewing spot getting there early will be the key to seeing the re-enactment.


It has been brought to my attention that in fact the canons did fire on the docks in Lewiston.

Because of our location and the fact that the canons  were timed to fire at the same time as horizontal fireworks we would not have heard or seen the canons.

All Images ©Ian Mather 2012

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1 Response to Fireworks kick of Battle of Queenston Heights

  1. Peter Mykusz says:

    The battle re-enactment was spectacular. The rain stopped briefly for the fireworks display. Here is a link to the Fireworks Display at the Brock Monument.

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