Learn about life during War of 1812


Updated: October 2, 2012

Reisdents of Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area are invited to time-travel with The Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative and experience frontier life in Indiana and Illinois as it was during the War of 1812.

The journey includes a day trip to Mississinewa 1812, the largest War of 1812 re-enactment in the country.

At Mississinewa 1812 (near Marion, Ind.) visitors will mingle with hundreds of re-enactors representing American Indians; American, British and Canadian militia and soldiers; river pirates and settlers — all gathered at the site of two December 1812 battles.

The trip departs for Mississinewa 1812 in the early morning aboard a luxury motor coach from locations in the Chicago area and Northwest Indiana on Saturday, Oct. 13, and Sunday, Oct. 14. The bus returns that same evening.

While en route, participants get a preview of Mississinewa 1812 from a re-enactor of the 1st U.S. Fort Dearborn Garrison. Once there, visitors will explore the “frontier” on their own, meeting the people of the river town, Indian village, wilderness and military encampments; learning about customs, crafts, practicalities and warfare; shopping for clothing, trinkets, tools and wares; buying frontier-style meals, drinks and snacks; enjoying the stories, music and songs of the era, and taking in morning and afternoon re-enactments of battles occurring in the Old Northwest.

Tickets are $50 to $85. The price includes the entry fee and round-trip transportation, with a continental breakfast buffet and afternoon tastings of local food and drink onboard.

Saturday will feature an educators’ discussion of living history in the classroom; electronic teaching resources will be available for $18.12.

Adults and children paying the standard ticket rate can earn a 12 percent instant rebate by wearing clothing authentic to 1812 or an official “Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative 1812-2012” T-shirt as they board the bus.

Details and online registration are available at http://www.FortDearborn.us.

Or, call Sherry Meyer of The Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative at (312) 318-3526.


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