Book signing at St. Mark’s on Sunday


  • Melinda Cheevers
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  • Sep 27, 2012
  • Author explores relationship between Brock and Tecumseh


    Book signing at St. Mark’s. Rev. Bob Wright peruses a copy of Tecumseh & Brock: The War of 1812 by James Laxter outside of St. Mark’s Anglican Church. The author will visit the church on Sunday for a book signing and presentation at 3 p.m. in Addison Hall.

    As part of the lead up to the War of 1812 bicentennial commemorations, many authors released new books about the war, prominent figures that emerged from it and what the outcome meant for those involved in the battles.

    York University professor James Laxer is one of those authors. His novel Tecumseh & Brock: The War of 1812, released in May 2012, explores the unlikely friendship and political alliance between the two titular characters, Tecumseh the Shawnee chieftain and Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, through an engaging work that also explores the battle between Britain and the United States, as well as the Native struggle for nationhood and sovereignty.

    On Sunday, book lovers, history buffs and those with a genuine interest in War of 1812 literature will have the chance to meet Laxer at a book signing and presentation set to take place at St. Mark’s Anglican Church. Scheduled for 3 p.m., the event will take place inside Addison Hall.

    Rev. Bob Wright said the church was approached by Sarah Maclachan, publisher with House of Anansi Press in Toronto — the publisher of the book — about hosting the event.

    Wright said she is the daughter of a parishioner and suggested the church may be an appropriate venue. The reverend agreed.

    “Brock worshipped here, so it is a fitting venue for an event about a book featuring him,” he said.

    The timing was perfect too.

    “October is a hugely important month in terms of the Bicentennial commemorations,” he said, referencing the upcoming Battle of Queenston Heights re-enactment and Brock’s funeral procession.

    Following the presentation on Sunday, Wright said refreshments will be served and the author will sign copies of his latest publication. Laxer is  also known for his other books, including Stalking the Elephant: My Discovery of America and The Border: Canada, the U.S. and Dispatches from the Forty-ninth Parallel.

    For more information call 905-468-3123 or email

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