Local author’s book weaves mystery, War of 1812 together

My Eastern Shore, Maryland

Captain Boyle’s Treasure’ takes place on KI

Kent Island High School photo

Lidinsky and HS contributors

Author Mark Lidinsky, right, with three Kent Island High School students who contributed artwork to his new book Captain Boyle’s Treasure. Left to right are Taylor Day, Shannon O’Hare, and Anna Formica.






















Posted: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

By JACK SHAUM Staff Writer

CHESTER – Everyone likes a mystery, right?

How about a mystery that takes place on Kent Island with a dose of fascinating local history as the setting for the story?

And what better time to publish a mystery that takes place at the time of the War of 1812 than while the bicentennial of that war is being observed?

That’s what Chester resident Mark Lidinsky’s new book “Captain Boyle’s Treasure” offers the reader. It is the first of a planned series of historical novels in a series known as “Kent Island Mysteries.” While the story is fiction, some of the characters and the locations are not. Local readers will immediately know places mentioned in the book and perhaps some of the characters as well.

“There are local characters with different names but some folks may know who is being referred to,” Lidinsky said. That’s because the book begins in 2013 at the present-day Peace of Cake in historic Stevensville.

“Captain Boyle is an historical character,” Lidinsky says of the title character, who was skipper during the War of 1812 of the Baltimore Clipper Chasseur, which became known at the time as the Pride of Baltimore because of her exploits harassing British shipping in the waters surrounding the British Isles.

“On his way back to Baltimore he stopped at Kent Island and buried something,” Lidinsky said, explaining the fictional element that drives the story. “Fragments of a map are discovered in 2013 and I try to weave history into a treasure hunt. I want kids to learn about the War of 1812 and about Kent Island.”

That’s as far as he’ll go so as not to give away the story. Suffice it to say that Kent Islanders of 2013 become treasure hunters around the island.

Lidinsky, a native of Baltimore, is a former English and Irish Literature professor, who loves history and always wanted to do “something about the War of 1812.” Centering the story on Kent Island is a good fit because the British used the island as a base for a time during the war.

The book was a year in the making and it was published Aug. 20. Lidinsky self-published the 101-page volume, which features not only his writing, but also the art work of several students from Kent Island High School. Taylor Day (Class of 2012), Shannon O’Hare (Class of 2013) and Anna Formica (Class of 2012) created maps and images of Captain Boyle, the Chasseur, and several local scenes, that illustrate the book.

“Superintendent (Carol) Williamson gave credit to the two seniors at Kent Island High School’s graduation this year, and I was really glad about that,” Lidinsky said.

Now that he can finally hold the finished work in his hands, how does he feel?

“Joy and happiness now that it’s out!” he said with a smile.

The book is available locally at Peace of Cake, Baker’s Liquors, Rustico Restaurant, Kent Manor Inn, Bridges Restaurant, the Country Petaller and Mr. B’s Seafood, Lidinsky said, adding he hopes to soon have it in other outlets as well.

“Captain Boyle’s Treasure” is also available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble’s website. It is also available on Kindle and Nook. Lidinsky is contributing $2 from each sale to the outlet carrying the book and a dollar from each sale to the Kent Island Heritage Society, of which he is a member.

“I hope people from Kent Island find out some things that are fascinating and that it will also serve as an introduction to the War of 1812,” Lidinsky said.

As for what’s next, he’s already working on the next book in the “Kent Island Mysteries” series. It’s expected to be out in the fall of 2013 and it’s entitled “The Headless Oysterman.”

Author Mark Lidinsky in his Chester home with his newly published book entitled Captain Boyle’s Treasure, an historical novel set on Kent Island.

Captain Boyle’s Treasure is an historical novel set on Kent Island by Chester resident Mark Lidinsky.

Author Mark Lidinsky, right, with three Kent Island High School students who contributed artwork to his new book Captain Boyle’s Treasure. Left to right are Taylor Day, Shannon O’Hare, and Anna Formica.

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