Amherstburg ‘feels like home’

The Windsor Star


Now that the dust has settled in the streets and parks of Amherstburg, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our community and residents in hosting what was a spectacular presentation of history and arts commemorating the War of 1812 Bicentennial. Over 300plus volunteers worked so very hard in the relentless heat to welcome visitors from all over the world. Our guest book signatures bring greetings from Poland, California, Great Britain, Germany and Alaska!

Through the arts and all of the moving dramatic presentations, people were truly engaged in our history. We commemorated and honoured a time when the destiny of Canada was determined by the only war fought on Canadian soil.

All of the players that were key stakeholders in the War of 1812 were well represented. First Nations, Americans, early Canadians, Irish and more. From the re-enactments to concerts and the lasting legacy projects, the 1812 Alive committee made our community proud! Thoughtful, non-commercial interpretations, concerts, art exhibits, dance and theatre left people mesmerized about how deep our roots and heritage run through our region. I would like to personally thank our generous sponsors, the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce. All of the seamstresses, artisans and actors who researched and rehearsed for several years to offer authentic experiences about early Canadian sacrifices, and to our entire business community who pulled together to welcome over 40,000 people to our quaint, historic town.

The true legacy that will be remembered about the weekend is the relationships and collaborations that were formed and the prevailing peace between nations in our great country that as Chantal Kreviazuk sang, “feels like home!”

ANNE M. ROTA, Manager of Tourism and Culture, Town of Amherstburg

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