Corn maze to honour Chief Techumseh

Toronto Sun

Diana Martin, QMI Agency

August 22, 2012


Tecumseh corn maze
War of 1812 hero Chief Tecumseh is the subject of the Dieleman family’s corn maze near Thamesville. The attraction opens to the public on Labour Day.
THAMESVILLE, ONT. –  Chief Tecumseh is being memorialized in a local corn maze this summer.

Ingrid Dieleman, who runs the popular Thamesville corn maze with her husband Ken and children, said it seemed appropriate to honour the native leader.

The full-body image of the Shawnee leader, who died during the Battle of the Thames on Oct. 5, 1813, stretches the length of the maze.

“Last year we did the (bicentennial) logo, this year it’s Chief Tecumseh and next year we’ll hopefully be able to tie the maze into the (Battle of the Thames) celebrations,” Dieleman said.

Canada is marking the bicentennial of the War of 1812 this year. The war, which began June 18, 1812, started after the U.S. declared war on Great Britain and it’s British North American colonies.

Tecumseh joined the British troops to fight the Americans. He led more than 2,000 warriors at the sieges of Fort Meigs and Fort Stephenson.

His last fight, the Battle of the Thames, took place in what is now Chatham, Ont.



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