New biography on Brock released

Aug 07, 2012
With the bicentennial of the War of 1812 now being observed, a number of new books on the topic are currently available. Among them is a new Amazing Stories biography by Nanticoke-area author Cheryl MacDonald.

Isaac Brock, Canada’s Hero in the War of 1812 is published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
At 128 pages, it’s a quick read, accessible to both students and adults.

“A lot has been written about Brock and what he did in Canada,” MacDonald said. “Often what happens is Brock gets lost in the details of the war. What I’ve tried to do is focus on the man and his actions, so that Brock emerges as a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood individual.”

Isaac Brock is available from the publisher,  and from most large bookstores.

MacDonald has written more than 40 books on Canadian history, including an Amazing Stories biography of Laura Secord and, with Bob Blakeley, Norfolk, Haldimand and the War of 1812, including the Six Nations.

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