Sparks to Fly for Fort Erie 1812 Bicentennial


July 23, 2012


Sparks to Fly for Fort Erie 1812 Bicentennial


The Fort Erie 1812 Bicentennial Committee is about to begin its next signature event, the world premier of the play “Sparks from a Campfire” written and directed by Sharon Pollock, the first woman of Canadian Theatre, and produced by Dominion Repertory Theatre.

Pollock’s Perspective of the play

“It’s 2012 and a reluctant George, is touring Historic Old Fort Erie. A lightning strike catapults him back in time. He finds himself in 1812 as a shot rings out and he’s confronted by a dying man whispering an urgent garbled message and begging him to deliver it. Confused, concerned, dislocated in time, and finding himself in a world at war, George tries to interpret his garbled words, discover for whom the message is intended and deliver it. He’s soon in danger himself, suspected as a spy, pursued by the militia, and hunted as prey by an unknown figure whose objective is apparently to prevent the delivery of the message.

George follows a trail leading to war widows, river men, German mercenaries, Colonels and privates; tavern hang-abouts, high born ladies and native allies. Which are friends, which are foes? Are the tidbits of information they share true or false? Is the message a last good-bye to a lover or something critical to the war effort? Who was the dying man? Who shot him and why? It seems there well may be a real American spy at work. Who is it? And a critical question for George, unless he can decipher the message and place it in the hands of its intended recipient, is death by firing squad a more attractive venture than a shot in the back on a dark night? Then, of course, there’s always that small matter of getting back to 2012.

Sixty minutes full of surprising, scary, funny, sad, serious bits, theatrically engaging and entertaining.” – Sharon Pollock

Dominion Repertory Theatre was established in 2011 with its mandate to present accessible, world class theatre to all. With that, we are presenting our second production in the summer of 2012 with “Sparks from a Campfire”. We are greatly honoured to be working with a truly international playwright and director, Sharon Pollock.

The play will run between July 28 and September 2 at Old Fort Erie, for a total of 29 performances. Sparks is an outdoor performance, beginning each night at dusk.

Tickets may be purchased at the Old Fort Erie welcome Centre, 350 Lakeshore Rd., Fort Erie, or by calling 905- 871- 0540.

Tickets are $15 for adults 13 and over, $7.50 for children, and kids under 5 are free.

Visit for more information


For more about the play, please feel free to contact Antonietta Petrella.



Antonietta Petrella

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Fort Erie 1812 Bicentennial Committee

Cell: 289-321-2179


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