War of 1812 celebrations continue into 2013

Soldiers dress up and demonstrate the life they lived in 1812.
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Soldiers dress up and demonstrate the life they lived in 1812.

Posted by Stephen Dyell on July 19, 2012.



After renovations and workers putting the final touches on the Decew House Heritage Park, the location has transformed to be a part of the history of the city for many years to come and the celebration doesn’t end this year as the festivities will continue in 2013.

On Saturday, June 22, the Laura Secord Commemorative Walk will wind its way from Queenston to end up at Decew House Heritage Park, which will feature some of its historic past.

The day will celebrate Secord’s trek as reenactments of her final steps will take place alongside Native warriors and soldiers dressed as General Isaac Brock’s own unit.

The location will be transformed into the past as tents, pickets, patrols and musket demonstrations will showcase how it was to live during a bloody time in Niagara’s history.

On Sunday, church services will be held as families are encouraged to come out and have a picnic while the kids can play games that children played 100 years ago as more demonstrations from soldiers will take place.

The Thorold Reed Band will be performing the entire weekend and a performance from the drama department of Thorold Secondary will put on a small show on the War of 1812.

“After the noise has died down and the dust has settled, a legacy should come out of all this Bicentennial activity,” John Burtniak, who is apart of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Committee said. “This is one of Thorold’s legacies.”

The entire weekend will revive the festivities after deeming this year as a success across the Niagara Region; from the Tragically Hip concert, to educating newer generations on the sacrifice men and women had to give just a century ago.

Events such as these are common reminders of the past and without the people in the committees trying to organize and plan historic reminders, the memories and stories just fade away.

Such important information on how residents are settled in currently in locations to where soldiers pushed to fight to gain land and to gain freedom during a period of bloodshed; freedom that we see everyday in the same place where many thousands of soldiers lost their life.

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