1812 Sails back into Niagara

1812 News

Ian Mather

July 17,2012

Niagara on the Lake, It has been 200 years since Canons could be heard firing off the coast of Lake Ontario.

On Saturday Tall Ships, longboats and infantry stormed the beaches at Queens Royal Park in a impressive display of history

Hundreds of onlookers watched as British and Canadian troops along with Native Warriors met to do battle on the grounds of Queens Royal Park in Niagara on the Lake.

With tall ships anchored and longboats heading towards the beach the battle began as British artillery began firing on the the tall ships and approaching longboats.

The spectators, some that had traveled from as far as Kingston and Ottawa to be here for this event, were witness to what battle was like in 1812.

The impressive display included 5 tall ships about 20 longboats and a couple of hundred reenactors.

Some of the reenactors were from as far away as Ohio.

As the last of the troops disembarked from the longboats they were met with a volley of gunfire from the opposing forces.  Both sides exchanged gun fire as the tall ships continued to fire their canons towards the beach. Artillery returned fire from the beach.

At one point in the battle both sides were only 20 feet apart.

The impressive display lasted about 45 minutes and ended with a loud round of applause from the appreciative crowd.

The weekend festivities also included a Naval encampment at Navy Hall and two other battles that took place Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon at Fort George.

The Saturday evening battle saw the American forces take control of Fort George as they did in 1813.

The Sunday afternoon battle saw the British regain control of Fort George.

The approaching Tall Ships



The long boats arrive to drop off troops.

British Officers prepare as the attack gets under way

anchored in front of Fort Niagara, NY

A spectator dressed in period clothing watches as the Tall Ships approach

A few shots from the Saturday evening battle at Fort George

Sun sets on Fort George

Hoping for her husbands return

Images ©Ian Mather 2012

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1 Response to 1812 Sails back into Niagara

  1. Fantastic photos, Ian! We were part of the “Ottawa contingent” standing next to you watching the naval re-enactment. (Not the bossy one. 🙂 ) It was quite the event — I was slightly deaf for a few hours after. We also enjoyed the exhibit at Fort George the next day.

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