Turning Point

1812 News

Ian Mather

July 8, 2012

In July 1814 The War had been going on for almost three years.  The American troops continued to Battle with the British to control lands in and around Upper Canada.

On July 5th, 1814 American, British, Canadian and First Nations battled in Chippawa, not far from Niagara Falls.

The Americans after battling with the British for two years were  finally developing a confidence to battle the British face to face.

The battle at Chippawa proved this.  The American troops were now very well trained and disciplined soldiers.

The Americans had recently taken control of Fort Erie and with this victory at Chippawa forced the British and Canadian troops to retreat North.

This was the first time British troops had faced well trained American soldiers and the British knew this could be a turning point in the war.

Images and video ©Ian Mather 2012

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