Boston July 4 with Blue Angels and tall ships

July 2, 2012

Tall ships as seen in Baltimore, but will be in Boston til July 6.  Also blue angels.On Indonesian tall shipBrazil tall ship
Blue angels
Boston Day Trips Examiner

Tall ships and the blue angels have been making their rounds since April in order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. This complements the usual Boston 4th of July events, and makes July 4, 2012 into a week long festival.

Starting on June 30, ships have docked all around Boson Harbor, including at the Charlestown Navy Yard near Old Ironsides, the Fish Pier and Massport’s Marine Terminal in South Boston. It is a good idea to see one or two, but all of the ships pretty much have the same things such as where they sleep, cannons, and where the captain is. So in the heat and long lines, this may be all most have energy for. (Drink lots of water beforehand, and bring a bottle of water to drink while standing in line.). While in Baltimore, the Indonesian sailors themselves were a delight, and for sure, they will not disappoint Boston! They had a dancing event with music, and they also took pictures with people from the crowd. They are very friendly, and their uniforms are so neat also. Other ships that will participate in Boston Navy Week are: USS Gravely, U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle, German frigate, Norwegian frigate Thor Heyedahl , Danish flexible support ship Esbern Snare, Canadian destroyer Iroquois, British royal fleet auxiliary ship Argus, Brazilian tall ship Cisne Branco, Ecuadorian tall ship BAE Guayas and Colombian tall ship Gloria.

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