Battle of Frenchman’s Creek Honoured

By Ian Mather

Administrator/Editor 1812 News

June 24, 2012

FORT ERIE, Ontario, A few hundred spectators turned out today to watch a small re-enactment of the Battle of Frenchman’s Creek.  The Battle took place in November of 1812.  The battle was a raid by the American forces to prepare for a larger inavasion.



Prior to the re-enactment was a Wreath laying ceremony honouring the fallen soldiers that died in the Battle. Wreaths were also laid in honour of the Natives that gave their lives and two Wreaths were laid by direct decendants of Soldiers that were killed in the Battle.

General Rick Hillier was in attendance to present one of the Wreaths. General Hillier also did an informal inspection of the troops prior to the re-enactment.

General Rick Hillier presents a Wreath honouring the Soldiers that gave their lives during the Battle of Frenchman’s Creek.

Comrade Ed Pigeau of the Royal Canadian Legion presents a Wreath in remembrance of the Battle.

A young boy lays a wreath in memory of his direct descendants that were killed during the Battle of Frenchman’s Creek.


A moment of Silence after the Wreath laying ceremony.


General Rick Hillier does an informal inspection of the re-enactors before the battle.


Waiting for for the battle

No height requirement in those days.


Jim Wellheiser is dressed as Maj. John Norton, a Chief of the Iroquois Six Nations


Some images from the re-enactment.

All photos ©Ian Mather

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4 Responses to Battle of Frenchman’s Creek Honoured

  1. Daidone says:

    Your photos are wonderful…I have only one small suggestion. It would be really helpful to the geographicly challenged like myself if you started off with a small map to show the location of this event……

  2. markeminer says:

    Two of my ancestor’s sons were captured at the Battle of Frenchman’s Creek. I hope its OK to borrow one of your pictures to illustrate their story See

    Thanks, Mark

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